Welcome to Pictures of IOW 2010.

Group Photo at Lazor Shooting

Shanklin beach Saturday

Sancastle building at Sandown Monday

Tree Climbing Group Monday

Up we go!

Wind Surfing Thorness Bay 

Camp Fire

Going out sailing


Ten pin bowling at Ryde

Fun Sea kayaking

Sea Kaying at Fresh Water Bay

Coastering at Fresh Water Bay

Coastering going in and out of the Caves

Cooking Christmas Dinner

Sitting down to Christmas Dinner!!!

Home made pudding

Christmas Pudding

Elfs and the Grand Show

Black Gang Chime Saturday


 (8 great Days) SUMMER CAMP

SAT 24th         Scout Hut                                            6.00am           

Ferry Portsmouth                               9.00am                       

Set Up /Look Around             10.30am

Beach Shanklin Swimming                3pm

Fish & Chips                                      6pm

PL’S Forum                                        9pm


SUN 25th         Day Hike (Explorer/Scout T-shirt)   9.00am

Chair Lift (Beach)                              3pm

Lazor Shooting                                   7pm-9pm        

MON 26th       Beach Sandown Giant sandcastle     10am

Tree Climbing                                    2.00pm-6pm

TUE 27th         Water Sports                                      8.45am-4pm

12 Keel Boats                                                Across Solant

14 Windsurfing                                   Thorness Bay

                        Build Camp Fire                                 7.30pm

Camp Fire                                           8pm

WED 28th        Water Sports                                      8.45am-4pm

12 Keel Boats                                                Wotton Creek

13 windsurfing                                   

                        Shopping (Spence)

Ten Pin Bowling Ryde 8pm 2 games Summer Camp T-shirt

THUR 29th      Coastering                                          12pm-2pm

Sea kayaking                                     9.30am-11.30am

Shopping Newport                              4pm S-Camp T-shirt

Meal Out                                            6pm

Cinema Toy Story 3D                        8pm

FRI 30th          Coastering                                          12pm-2pm

Sea Kayaking                                     9.30am-11.30pm

Walk along the Cliffs             12.30pm

Shopping for Christmas Dinner         3pm

Christmas Cooking competition        5.30pm

Grand Show                                        8pm-10-pm

                        Scouts Own                                         10pm

SAT 31st          Camp presentation                             10am

Leave Camp Site                               10.30am

Black Gang Chime                             11am

Ferry Home                                        5.00pm

                        Unload Pack Away                             7.00pm

                        Go Home                                            8.30pm


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