Austria 2013
Depart Beehive /Ferry to France


Arrive and cook dinner

Sunday Alpin Coaster

Going up the chair lift
White Water Rafting

Neuschwanstein Castle

A view of the castle

Standing on the bridge above the castle

Walking back down to the castle

The second castle

Afternoon out shopping in Fussan

We meet the Guides from Redhill here!!!!

Laurens Ice Cream

Nine Pin Bowling
(Leaders Team beat the Network Team)

Izzy 18th Birthday

Hike up the Jochlspitz 1692 metres (Chair lift) Mountain top 2326 metres
The Explorers, Network and leaders before setting of on the hike.

A break on the hike

A view from the top of the mountain (The two groups at the top)

The Old mountain Hut on route

James group gives a wave on the way down the mountain

Spence group gives a wave coming down the mountain


The water slide

The big slide

Tree Climbing

The Flying Fox

Swimming in Holzgau

Tyrolean Evening
(Wood carving house)

The band and the dancers

Time for a drink 

Scarey Guide leader who had James King Explorer t.shirt away

Spence on stage

Zugspite Mountain The highest mountain in Germany 2,962 metres or 9260 feet

The way to the top

Going up in the cable car

A group photo in the snow at the top of the mountain

Queen Scouts get their Queen Scout crirtificates

Lake Plansee

Fun time on the pontoon

Time for some sunbathing

First Aid


Shopping in Route

Leaders enjoy their lunch

Grand Show

Bed Time Book


Joe Best Explorer Rock Solid Award Winner

Griffins best Patrol mini bus Winners

Jonty Harris Award winner (Silly Person of Camp)


Group photo in Uniform

Traffic jam on way home

Sleping on the boat home

Explorer Leaders
1 SPENCER MITCHELL  ESL (Leader in Charge)
2 JAMES KING                AESL 

Scout Leaders
1    NICKY SHREEVE                SL               
2    ROGER LEE                        ASL            
3    JAMES VERDON                SSA              
Network Team
1   Hannah Glasgow                   N                                
3    Lauren Freeman                   N                
4    Chris Rimmer                        H                 
1    Izzy         (PL)       EX                          
2    William                   EX               
3    Joe          (PL)        EX              
4    Ollie        (APL)       EX              
5    Mitchell                    EX              
6    Adain                       EX               
7    Holly                         EX               
8    Jonty                        EX               
9    Dillan                        EX             
10  Alfie                         EX              
11  Robert     (APL)       EX
12  Sam                        EX
(Francesca doing her moving on award)    
The kitchin       

+ 11 Scouts     
Total             LEADERS    5        NETWORK    3        EXPLORERS    12        SCOUTS     11        TOTAL    31 
The house for the week                               
one of the bedrooms 

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