SUMMER CAMP 2009    CROATIA  

       Thursday 23rd July- Thursday 30th July 

1        THU 23RD   5.45am Scout Hut/ Depart 6.00am/9.30

Stanstead Flight 11.35/2.35pm Italy/Coach 3pm (3 hours)/6.30pm
Hostel/Dinner 7.30pm Look Around/Swimming/Patrol Forum

2        FRI 24TH    8am Breakfast 9am Snorkelling ½ day 12.30pm

Lunch/Swimming visit local Supermarket & 3pm Keep Fit
(On the beach) 6.30pm Dinner/Swimming

3        SAT 25TH   8am Breakfast 9am Scuba Diving ½ Day /Lunch

12.30pm &           2.30pm /Windsurfing ½ Day Dinner 6.30pm/8pm
First Aid (On the beach)/Swimming

SUN 26TH   Breakfast 07.30am Leave at 8am 11.30am

Rafting All Day Arrive back 7pm Dinner 7.30pm Trampolines/
Table Tennis 9pm Show on the beach


5        MON 27TH  Pack Ruc sacs 7.30am /Breakfast 8.30am/10am

Tour round Pula (Amphitheatre) Coach to Scout Island/Boat to Island
Walk to Tents/Dinner 6pm/Swimming


6        TUE 28TH   Breakfast 8am Survival course Build Rafts & swim

to island Survival on Island for 24 hours


7        WED 29TH           Breakfast 8.30am Return to Scout Island

10am /Volley Ball/Swimming/Scouts Own/Guided walk around the island
7pm Evening meal


8        THUR 30TH Breakfast 6.30am 7.30am Boat Back/9.30am

                             Coach/12.30pm Airport Italy/Stanstead 16.10/5pm

                             Load mini bus/Scout Hut 8.30pm





We arrived at the Scout Hut at 5.45am and soon set off for Stanstead Airport. We had to stop on the motor way as Nick had not put the ground sheet on the roof correctly and it was blowing off. We parked the mini bus and took the coach to the airport. We arrived and booked our bags in with Ryan Air. We went through Customs even taking off our boots and belts. Saisha’s mum kept ringing Spence to see how she was and Dan managed to leave his bag behind and the Leaders told him it had been taken away by security! Everybody went for breakfast and soon we were boarding the plan to Italy. We were soon in the air and we hit some turbulence and had to put our seat belts back on which was fun. We scared a five year old by talking about air crashes! We flew over the Alps with snow on the top of them. Tyler manager to leave his wallet on the plane never to be seen again. We came out of the Airport and its was very very hot we soon found our small coach for the trip to Pula. The Driver was Macedonian and we stopped half way and used our Euro’s for drinks and ice creams as it was so hot. We arrived in Pula but the coach driver did not know where the Youth Hostel was and we drove around and around till we found it. We unpacked our bags and walked down to the hostel. Spence and Angela and the three Scouts had a little Chalet each and the rest of us were in a big main building. The Girls in one room the Leaders in another and the older and younger Explorers in the other two rooms. We went down to dinner which was different to say the least - lots of cabbage. We unpacked and then went for a swim in the bay and played around in the water and swam across to the jetty on the other side of the bay. We had a Patrol Leaders Council in the Youth hostel under the veranda.


We were up early for breakfast and were soon down to the beach to wait for our instructors for the Scuba diving which was going to be in our bay. The instructor arrived and we set about sorting out mask and snorkels for us all. The man kept saying membrane and he became known as the membrano man. We learnt how to dive and to go under the water. We all had ages swimming around trying out the Snorkelling. After lunch we walked up to the supermarket which was lovely and cool inside. We all got lots of drinks and sweets and got our postcards and stamps to write home with. We walked back to the Youth hostel and went swimming again in the sea. Nick led us in some Water Keep Fit and we had a race to the Jetty on the other side of the harbour which Isobel won... We used the trampolines and played ping pong before we had dinner and then went in the sea again and tried catching some crabs before retiring to our rooms and playing cards.



We set off for the Scuba diving which was very exciting we soon arrived and found Katie had left her wet shoes on the coach. We were shown how all the breathing equipment worked and then four of us were chosen to go out into the water and go scuba diving. The rest of us went on the giant inflatable’s in the sea having great fun climbing and jumping of the ice berg and jumping up and down on the inflatable’s and playing on the banana especially Izzy. Matt and Nick went down for a longer dive as they already had the Paddi certificates. Under the seas it was magnificent with fish swimming around you whilst looking at the rocks and the sea was very clear. You had to keep remembering to blow your nose the deeper you got to ease the pressure on your ears. We were down for about twenty minutes which was a truly memorable time and certainly one of the best activities we have done in Explorers. We had lunch on the beach.  We walked all around the bay to get to the Windsurfing centre. We started with just the board and then we added the sail and then tried it with the wind this took a long time with everybody having a go. At this point Angela risked the future units holiday by removing her sunhat in an area of extreme UV concentration! We then finally went into the sea and tried standing up on the boards with out the sail most of us fell in many times. We were then given the sail and of we went with Nick leading the way. After dinner we did the First Aid Challenge with the Assistant Patrol leader leading the patrols, Lauran did very well with the young Explorers and the Scouts. There were all sorts of injuries from a boat crash with Angela being very annoying and Hannah moaning and screaming. In the evening we played cards.


We were up early ate some bread and some weird tasting liquid. And onto the coach leaving Angela behind to look around the local area. After a coach journey of three hours we arrived and changed ready for the rafting. We were taken to the start by the coach and all had to jump in the river which was cold. We then got in the boats and started to paddle upstream we soon arrived at a waterfall and we all got out clambered up the waterfall and then jumped of it which was great fun. We then got back in the raft and started to paddle down the river. We kept throwing Saisha out to keep her quiet. We went down a number of waterfalls often getting stuck and had a paddle wars between the three rafts. We arrived back at the centre and had to change on the coach ready for the journey home. We arrived back and had dinner. Hannah and Matt had arranged the show for the evening and each patrol did stunts, songs and a film. Dan Chaney was the best with his advert and watching Hannah sing her patrol song on her own was funny as well.


We got up early and had to pack all our gear away as we were leaving the hostel for the Scout Island. After breakfast we all had our photo’s taken with our Summer Camp t-shirts. We walked up the road to the coach and Nick had extra rocks in his Ruc sac thanks to James. We met our guide and went for a guided tour of the famous Roman Amphitheatre. We went inside and saw where Michael Bolton and Elton John had performed the previous week. We went down under the theatre and saw lots of old artefacts. We came out of the Amphitheatre and started out tour of the town. About half way round we realised we had lost a “Leader” Robert who had been left back at the Amphitheatre. After finding Robert we had lunch and went for a walk around the city.Alfie managed to rip his shorts while shopping. Spence got hit by a car crossing a crossing! We then got on a coach and headed to the Scout Island of Veruda.We got on a very packed boat and headed out of the harbour and soon arrived on the island. We loaded up the trailer and the tractor pulled our ruc sac to the camp site up the hill. We found our tents which were up and from the UK 2007 World Jamboree! We had to pair up as they were two man tents and then we went swimming in the bay on the island. We got back and cooked some good grub for a change as we cooked it. That evening we went swimming again before going to bed many of the Explorers and Nick slept out under the stars. Tristan was the funniest sleeping with his bag up round his face, his hat on and his sunglasses so he did not get bitten.


We woke up and did our own breakfast which was better. We then all went down to the sea for a swim. When we came back we split into two teams to make two rafts so they would carry all our equipment on over to the Island. We worked very hard on the rafts and even the camp site staff was very impressed with how good they were. We had dinner and then we carried them down to the beach and waited for the safety boat. We got in the water with all our kit on the rafts and started the long swim taking about 20 minutes to swim over. James saw some nice sites on the way! We arrived on the deserted island and went for a walk around it. It was very rocky and there was some small bushes and tree in the centre it only took five minutes to walk all the way around. We all settled in and found where we were going to camp for the night some in the bushes some on the rocks and some near the coast. We went and saw Spence for dinner and collect our bread and then we went for a swim. We decided on the best place for the raising flag was right out on a peninsula where we could defend it from attack from the Croatia’s so we hid the water bombs there and settled down to wait for them and to watch the fantastic sunset. Katie decided to fall over in the sea while trying to go for a pee and Spence had to sort her cut arm out. We enjoyed the sunset and the moon coming up. We decided at about 10.30 it was time for bed!  


We were woken at about 12.30am when James got water bombed in his survival bag, Spence did a runner and ran round the Island and woke up some of the Explorers. Spence and some of the younger Explorers settled down to guard the flag and waited and waited but nothing happened. They could hear shouting and Spence came out to see what had happened. The Croatians had arrived, water bombed the Slovenians that were camped on the island illegally and when they could not find the flag they left. The Slovenians had thought it was us that had water bombed them and stole Spence stuff including his Camera, Video camera and knife. James was trying to get them back when Spence arrived to sort the problem out. Spence then had to ring Angela back on the main Island and get her out of bed to get the Croatians up from the site to come back over to the island to inform the Slovenians what had happened. After about an hour Spence had calmed things down and had got some of his stuff back when the boat arrived. The Croatians talked for ages and Spence got the rest of his stuff back. The Croatians then went back to the main Island leaving a hostage! To get them some rum to say sorry. James nearly started world war three again when he nicked and ate the sausages the Slovenen was waving in his face. The boat came back after about forty five minutes and things calmed down with every body going back to bed just in time for the very large rats to run over James Survival bag and Spence to shoot them with his mozzy spray. Spence realised that the Slovenes had played with his camera and taken a lot of photo’s and also destroyed the video of camp. We awoke early as the sun rose over the island and the rats started to disappear. We got up packed our stuff up and walked round the island to the rafts. The Croatia from the camp site was supposed to turn up at 8am with the safety boat so we sat on the beach, threw stones and sunbathed. As they did not turn up by 8.30am James (Jesus decided to walk on water) he would swim across and wake them up and get them come out to us. We loaded the rafts with kit and Katie got in the Safety boat because of her cut arm. We started to swim across back to the main Island. We arrived, tired thirsty and hungry but feeling good as we had survived despite all the problems. We had breakfast and had to dismantle the raft as the French wanted them for the afternoon. We had an easy morning and brought drinks and ice creams from the shop. We had lunch and went and played some volley ball before going swimming in the sea and playing with the ball. Joe got kicked where it hurts as Alfie tried to jump on him in the sea. Chris got the ball in his face when he was not looking. We finished of our challenges ready for marking. Around tea time we went for a walk around the Island with the Camp site leader and learnt a bit about the island the beaches and the food on the Island. (That would have been useful the day we arrived on the Island) We came back for Dinner and then went for a Scouts Own service organised by Robert, Katie and Tyler. Spencer enrolled Katie into Explorers. We had some prayers and songs and then walked down to the Rocks to see one last sunset. Dan climbed out onto a big rock till he realised that the tide was coming in and he was getting cut off. We slowly watched the sunset on another great camp and then walked back to get some sleep for the journey home.


We had to get up early at 6am to get out of the tents and have breakfast. We loaded our bags on our backs and off we walked through the site to the other side of the Island to get the 7.30am Ferry back to Pula. We loaded ourselves on the boat and set off across the harbour. We then had a two hour wait for the coach to arrive to take us to the Airport in Italy. We arrived and soon booked in and went through customs and boarded our Ryan air jet back to the UK. As per normal Tyler managed to drop his wallet on the plane again. We arrived at Stanstead and it was cold and damp. We collected our bags and loaded the Mini Bus. We had a presentation for the Camp with Dragons led by Nick wining the Patrol award with Griffins second led by Hannah and Unicorns 3rd led by Matt. Lauren won the Rock Solid Award best Explorer for her excellent job of acting Assistant patrol Leader in Dragons. Matt Lee won the Harris award for his swimming with his keys and losing them. The leaders all received thank you certificates from Spence. We then set of for home. We arrived at 8.30pm and all went home for a bath and to use a proper toilet. Ending another fantastic Summer Camp with the 34th a week we will never forget. 

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