Friday 28TH July-Sunday 6th August 





Walk around the village/PL Forum


SUN 30TH Chairlift Bach/Walk down mountain

         Swimming Pool/Nine Pin Bowling


MON 31ST All day mountain Bikes

A team 35 miles/B 20 miles Bingo evening


TUE 1ST Castle & Shopping in Reutte

International Award/ Charades (EX)


WED 2ND Alpine Coaster x2/Chair lift x2

Lake Plansee swimming

         Tyrolean Evening  7.30pm-10.30pm



Cable Car/Meal/Snow Balling/Caves Hike

         GAMES NIGHT/Cricket Cards/Pictures



         First Aid (Scts & Ex) Catch Phrase




SUN 6TH  Ferry 4.30am ARRIVE HOME 6AM


There were twenty-five of us going on the camp to Austria, two Explorer Leaders, two Scout leaders, ten Explorers and eleven Scouts. We arrived at 7pm at the Beehive to find the coach already waiting for us. We met our two-coach driver for the week Mick and Cliff. We all got in and sorted out our seats and we were off to Austria, well Dover anyway. We soon got on our boat and set of for France. Explorers had an inspection on the boat before we had free time to wander around the boat.



We travelled through the night through France and Luxembourg only stopping when we got pulled over by the Belgium authorities at the border. We arrived in Germany and had breakfast. We continued on and soon we could see the mountains and we crossed into Austria. We called in at the Jeka office and then went off to the village and our chalet for the week. We arrived at the house, which was very impressive. The girls, and the entire Scouts and Explorers were upstairs and the Leaders downstairs with the much bigger Kitchen than last year and two dining rooms. We sorted ourselves out and then went for a walk around the village and to the local supermarket. In the evening we had a Patrol Leaders forum each and then settled down to our bed time books read by Phil for the Explorer all about Spencer the steam engine from Thomas the Tank engine stories and Felix reading the Scout book. Before going to bed for the night.



We awoke to sunshine and soon set of in the coach to Bach and the chirlift. We went up in the chairlift, which had some great views down the valley. We arrived at the top and all went and brought drinks. Spence and Angela got a free Schnapps.We then set of down the mountain. Stu shot off and soon went the wrong way. We then found out Kerem had brought all his sleeping gear up the mountain with him. We settled down to lunch with the beautiful butterflies floating around us in the woods. We set of again and soon got to the bottom of the valley with the river and the Church and some locals playing music. The coach picked us up and we went to the Swimming centre. There was a big outdoor pool, which were quiet warm and a big slide. We all tried making pyramids in the water going higher and higher on each other's shoulders. We went down the slide and had a great time. Kerem lost his underpants and found them in James bag. When we came out of the centre another Scout leader got Spence wet so he went back and got one of the scarves they had left in the changing room to take away and freeze in a bucket. The only thing that spoilt the swim was the bites from the flies. We went back and had dinner before departing for the hotel and the nine pin bowling. The skittles were on string and were very funny as the untied themselves by jiggling around. We also played on the pool table and the Football table. We came back and had out own Scouts Own services. This finished off a great first day of camp.



We had 26 bikes delivered and split into two groups with Stu, Phil and Spence leading the A team older longer bigger group. Angela Nick and Wallis leading the B team group. We cycled off down the valley at the side of the river on what was at time a very bumpy track. Jack G started to zig zag down the road, as this was his first proper bike ride.  George had problems as he got a puncture and we had no way of mending it. Whilst waiting for a replacement bike, the B team were invited in by a local wood carver to his shop. We split the two groups up minus George and set of again we past through an electric gate. The older group arrived at the place for lunch and sat down and then played in the very cold water of the river making a dam. After about an hour the other group joined us. We set of again with the younger group going across the river and going back home. On the way back the B team stopped and had a rest and all seized up when we got back on the bikes. The older ones set of and just kept going and going. Nick B jumped of his bike straight into another cyclist coming the other way. Tim fell of his bike and we had to do emergency first aid. He then got a puncture and Spence stayed with him while they cycled about three miles to catch up with Stu to mend the puncture. We then decided to cross this very small suspension bridge which you were only allowed five people on at a time. We cycled for ages and most of us ran out of water we came across the Jeka village and managed to refill our water bottles. We now had one and half-hours to get back as the bikes were being picked up at 6pm. We set of along the road and through the villages with the incentive of Spence that if we got back before 6pm we could go in the supermarket, we did with five minutes to spare cycling a total of 35 miles. In the evening we had two games of bingo with Stu being the caller.



We had to change our plans for the day as it was raining. James had to wear full uniform as he had lost his hat which he later found in his bag he had with him all day. We set of for the Castle famous for being in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The drivers got lost and we ended up in an Industrial Park with all the office looking out of the window wondering what the coach was doing. We arrived and had a look around the shops. We all brought postcards and some of us posted them in Germany and some waited till we got back into Austria. We set of for the long walk up to the castle with the carts passing us carrying people up. We arrived and had to wait in a big que for our number to come up to enter the castle. We had a guide who took us around the Castle and we saw all the different rooms including going through a cave as the castle was built into the rocks. We came out of the castle and walked even higher up to the suspension bridge, which you see in the film. We walked across the bridge and it was full of tourist all wrestling for that good shot of the castle. We then settled down to lunch. We returned down the hill and back to the coach to go shopping in Reutte. We wandered around the shops and found a 75-cent shop the same as our pound shops. Tim managed to walk into a glass door in a shop. We brought some massive really nice Ice Cream made from creamy Alpine milk as the sun had now come out and the end part of the day was nice. We returned to the Chalet. The Explorers did their International award and then the Naughty charades. As they were making so much noise laughing an old lady came up and bashed on the window as Hannah was doing breaststroke!      



We set off in better weather for the Alpine Coaster. We had to try and speak German to book the tickets-in the end the drivers helped. We set of up the mountain on the long chairlift. We had some great views of the valley below and we could see the alpine coaster track and route below our feet. We arrived at the top and soon we were in the Alpine Coaster toboggan run. The track was four kilometres long and very fast going up to 40 klms an hour. The track went down through the woods under the chairlift with lots of twists, turns and drops. Jack V had sheer horror on his face when he could not do up his seat belt. Not that it was his turn to go yet. We got to the bottom and then we set of again to the top to have our second go down. Ollie lost his ticket going up on the Chairlift and was lucky Spence had a spare one. This time most of us went at fall speed with out using the brakes. We then had lunch on the coach and went of to Lake Plansee to go swimming. We arrived and had our group photos taken in our Summer Camp T-shirts. We changed and went in the very cold water of the massive Glacial Lake. We played game and then some decided to jump off the pier into the water. We visited the shop and got some hot drinks or ice creams. We arrived back had dinner and then the coach picked us up again to take us to the Tyrolean Evening in the next valley. We arrived at a School with big tables put out with our name on it. Spence and Angela brought us all two drinks and the Leaders had beer, which they kept letting Wallis sniff. The dancers complete with traditional customs did lots of different thigh slapping dances. The tree musician kept doing a song about drink and having a bear. The dancers did a dance while cutting up a log and they had a campfire on the stage. We finished with song that sounded English but was not and we all danced around the room.



We set off for the Zugspitze, which is the highest mountain in Germany at 9,200 feet. We arrived and were the only ones there, it was raining hard. We went to the counter and the lady said mad English its raining and visibility at the top is about zero. We said were still going up, as at least it would be a ride in a cable car. Tristan had to borrow the coach driver's coat as he had left his bag behind at the chalet. We started to go up and the rained turned to sleet and then ice and snow formed on the windows. As we got near the top it was snowing very hard and minis 1. We came out of the cable car and could not believe our eyes. The most snow most of us had ever seen four or five inches with more coming down. Some of us were in short but that did not matter. Where else could you play snowball fighting in August on Summer Camp. We had a great time for ages playing in the snow, getting photo's through snow balls, Ollie and George laying in the snow. What a great time. Spence got hit where it hurts while videoing, which was very funny. We went inside and we all had hot chocolate and German sausage and Chips. We then went round the museum and saw the 3D show with the glasses. We then decided we all wanted another go in the snow so off we went again to play in the snow. We eventually got the Cable car down and left the snow at the top as it was still raining at the bottom. We caught the coach to go for the caves walk. We set of up the valley past the river and another Jeka house before starting the long climb up the mountain. We went up through the tree with some great views of the valley below. Soon we came out into the rocks and the caves. The path was blasted through the rock to make the caves and there were lots of small waterfalls pouring through the caves. We went through many different size caves and a car suddenly came up through them, which was very scary. We got to the top of the caves and looked down the valley. We hiked back down the mountain and back onto the coach with the weather improving. In the evening after dinner we had a games night, the Explorers played the Cricket game and did more of their picture fun challenges.



We set of for our big day of White Water Rafting and Canoyning. We arrived and split into two groups the Scouts and Angela (Who had to do it) to do the junior rafting. They played games in the water and the first to fall out was Kerem. They did game in the estuary running around a pole and getting back into the rafts. The Explorers plus leaders Spence, Nick and Stu did the harder white Water rafting going all the way down the river to the centre. They first had to jump into the water to get use to how cold it was. Nick joined Griffins and Spence and Stu Dragons. They set of down the river and soon they were in the rapids and whirlpools having a great time. They took it in turns to jump over the side and Phil looked very worried and quiet. Near the end both boats did wheelies in the water with everybody sitting on the back, the only one to fall in was Dragons instructor. After a quick lunch everybody minus Angela set off for the Canoyning in taxis! We arrived at the centre for the Alpine Coaster we had visited earlier in the week and set of down a small path. We arrived at a cave and squeezed through and over a fence into the small but very deep and fast flowing river (It had been to high in the morning). We held on to a rope and swung over and into the river. We then had to sit down a slide feet first down the waterfalls. Spence lost his camera but was lucky it floated, Max was not so lucky with his glasses, which were never seen again. Nick B managed to slip and hit Stu in the face with his helmet as Stu was trying to stop people floating of down the river. We went further and further down the river with the ropes and the waterfalls getting bigger and deeper. We eventually made it to the bottom and walked out of the river to find the Taxi's again. We set of back to the chalet after a fantastic day. In the evening the Explorers had laid on a first Aid test for both the Scout Patrols to do. Hannah with her cut leg on top of the heater was hard and both patrols never even found George! Next it was the Explorers turn and with the Leaders and the older Scouts being the patients. Max was the funniest and the lines for him written weeks before was about him not being able to see as he had lost his glasses (Just like real life!) The Scout settled down to their last instalment of bedtime book, while the Explorers did Catch Phrase.



We had breakfast and had to vote on the best cooking patrol which was won by Griffins 17 - 10. When then set about clearing up the house. We had the Grand show run by Ashley and Felix. All the patrol had to do stunts sing songs from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and do a film. The Leaders did a snow-white stunt and James looked very funny dressed in Wallis skirt. The Scout Cavemen did a funny film on Dr Who and Rose and Griffins did a great murder mystery. We then had our own section presentation time. The Explorer Rock Solid award best Explorer of Camp went to the very hard working Hannah from Griffins and the Little Rock for the best Scout went to Max of Cavemen. The Explorer Mini Bus Award Patrol of Camp went to Griffins led by Wallis and the Scout Workman's Trophy Award went to Cavemen led by Felix. After lunch we set of for home on the coach. We stopped in Germany for Dinner in the evening and then got caught in some heavy traffic but we were still well on time for an early arrival back in England. 



We arrived at the port at 4m and managed to catch the 4.30am ferry across to England. Most of us had a good old English breakfast on the boat. We arrived and left Dover Port. We arrived at the Beehive at 6am and started to ring our parents to come and pick us up from what was a fantastic and very memorable camp.





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