Robert, Joe ollie, Mitchell and William stayed at heath Farm Headley and worked with the National Trust

2013 Saw the Group stay at Jordan Heights Scout Camp site and work on Reigate Hill with the National Trust

They even got a chance to do some rifle shooting in the evening with Spence

2011 saw the Residential group again working with the National Trust but this time staying and working at the Fort at the top of Reigate Hill.

2011 Group

Litter p[icking on the South Downs way

Meeting the firemen! picking on South Downs way


Queen Scout Residential Working with the national trust and staying at Heath Farm Headley.

2010 Group

2010 group with their fire at Headley

Rory on Queen Scout Hike

Residential 2005

Residential 2008

Residential 2008

Our First Residential at Headley

Residential 2007

Time for sleep!


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