SPENCER Explorer Scout Leader 1977-2014

Spencer is the Explorer Scout Leader. He started the Unit in 2003. Previously he was Scout Leader at the 34th for the previous twelve years. Before that he was Assistant Scout leader and before that he was a Helper and a Skills Instructer in Scouts. Was also a Assistant Beaver Leader with Angela for three years.

Spencer has also been the groups Group Scout leader four times before , he has also held the position of District Commissioner for Scouts for Reigate in the past. He is currently the longest serving member with the group with twenty five years under his belt.Spence is now the longest serving member in the Groups history. He started his Scouting carear in the 14th Reigate Dovers Green Cubs being seconder and then a sixer before becoming a Scout at the 34th in 1977. He was made Assistant Patrol Leader then Patrol Leader and then Senior Patrol Leader. He won the Wheel of Progress best Scout in 1980 (2009 saw his son Tristan win it the first time ever a father and son have won the award) As a Leader he has received his long Service Award for 15 and 25 years (in 2008) and his Medal of Merit in 1999.Qualified First Aider for 26 years. He is also a District First Aider instructor.He got his Explorer Leaders Wood Beads as well in May 2008.Has has gained several certificates in Child protection and NSPCC Fullstop.Has also completed a full NVQ in Leadership through Scouting. He is an Advanced mini Bus driver. In June 2011 he took over as Warden of Reigate District Camp Site Jordan Heights. In October of 2011 Spence was awarded the Mayor's Volunteer Award Highly Commends for his dedication and commitment to volunatry Service in the Local Community by the Mayor of Reigate And Banstead Council.2011 saw his son Tristan gain his Queen Scout Award and younger son Aaron become Assistant Warden at Jordan Heights.In April 2012 Spence was awarded the Silver Acorn for specially distinguished services to Scouting.  Also in April 2012 spence became a Archery Instructor (GNAS).In 2013 Spence became a National Smallbore Rifle Association Range Master teaching rifle shooting as well.  2014 saw Spence become a District Nights Away advisor. In July 2014 Spence was awarded the Jack Harwood award by District. Spence finished his time with the 34th in December 2014.

Ashleigh Unit Assistant (Started October 2013)

Seen here judging pyramid competition.


JAMES Explorer Unit Assistant October Started 2007

James is the Units Assistant he started this role in October 2007. He was previously a Beaver, Cub, Scout and a Skills Instructor with Spence in Scouts, at the 34th. He was a Chief Scout in Scouts and got his Chief Scout Challenge badge. He has also won the Wheel of Progress. He has now returned to the Unit to help as an Explorer Unit Assistant.He has taken a First Aid Course as well.Won the Rock Solid Award best Explorer of Camp in France on Summer Camp in 2008. In 2011 he started working on his Wood Beads and took out a Warrant to become an Assistant Explorer Leader.He was awarded his Wood Beads in September 2012 at Jordan Heights Camp site. He has also now completed his Nights away green field permit as well.Had six month away in 2013-2014.This photo shows James all dressed up ready for a days Camping! 


ROBIN (Assistant Explorer Scout Leader) (Swampy)

March 2009- March 2014 Joined the Unit in March 2009 from Beavers where he was Assistant Beaver Scout Leader.First camp was the Great Escape 2009.Ran his first Explorer Camp in June 2010 as the Bike and Beach Camp.  First Summer Camp was to the Isle of Wight in 2010 he followed this up with Switzerland in 2011.                                                    


James Verdon Started September 2012

Ex Patrol leader of Griffins and Queen Scout who started helping at Scouts in 2012, then also help at Explorers.became a Unit assitant in September 2013.In March 2014 he beccame an Assitant Explorer Scout leader.



Spencer's dad with a wealth of experience in Scouting including being a previous leader at the 34th many years ago, lots of Scouting experience with the 34th Reigate (Meadvale) and 14th Reigate (South Park). Often found helping on bases, activities or cooking on camps. Peter's wife Oreil and Spencer's mum is also often dragged along to help

July 2008                       

Phill Troop Assistant Ex Queen Scout with us Helps and Scouts and Explorers when he cam back from Uni. Won best Explorer two years running and won the District Helping hand Trophy. Helped with Scouts and Explorers as a helper.  In 2012 Phill became a Explorer Leader Unit Assistant.

Lauren Freeman April 2013 to 2014
Sister of Sean and Hannah both Queen Scouts Lauren also completed her Queen Scout award and was a Patrol Leader before becoming a leader in 2013. Helps out when her shifts allow and was a leader on Summer Camp to Austria 2013 where she got the nick name (Mother!)

Hannah Glasgow December 2012-September 2013
Patrol leader and a Queen Scout Hannah became a leader and helped out before going to Uni. Went on summer Camp Austria as a leader.

Becky Houghton 2012-2013
Becky was a Explorer who gained her Chrief Scout Diamond Award. She who came to to help for a year including helping on the Narrow Boat Camp.

Jake Shreeve July 2012 then again 2014
Jake pops back and helps when he is back from Uni, a former Senior Patrol Leader and helper in the Unit. He also completed his Queen Scout award with us.
Eff (Assistant Explorer Leader) May 2011 - August 2012
Eff stated in the Unit in May 2011, she brought a wealth of Experience from working with Youth groups in belguem, She completed her First Aid course and was working on her Wood beads when she left in August 2012 after attending Summer Camp to Wales to go around the World.

Seen here on Summer Camp in Wales.

Oliver  (Unit Helper) June 2009 to September 2010         

Oliver was a Beaver, Cub Scout and Explorer. He was a Queen Scout who helped till he went to Uni. He then come back to help in June 2009.


Unit Assistant Sam (Jan 2003-Sep 2004)
Joined Scouts from Guides and was officaily enrolled into Scouts in Ireland after already going on several Summer Camps. Was a Chief Scout with the Scouts and Spence being the first Girl to get the award in the Troop. Then became a Skills Instructor in Scouts before helping Spence start and run the Explorer Unit, as an Explorer Unit assistant before going off to University in September 2004.

UNIT ASSISTANT SEAN (Jan 2004-Sep 2004)

Was a Chief Scout with Spence in Scouts and then became one of the first Explorers in the Unit to gain his Queen Scout Award. He was the Units Senior Patrol Leader and helped Griffins win many camps. He then became an Explorer Unit Assistant.Left for University in September 2004. Younger sisters Hannah & Lauren were also went on and became Queen Scouts.

UNIT HELPER ALEX (May 2006 to April 2007)

Ex Queen Scout and Patrol Leader of Dragons lead them to victory as best patrol in 2005.The first girl to get the Queen Scout Award with the Unit and District. Also the first member of the Unit to gain her D of E Gold award. She Attended the Palace to receive her Gold Award in March 2007 From The Duke Of Endinburgh . Was a Chief Scout holder and holds the record for the most Scout profiencey badges ever in the Scout Group.Came back and helped again in September 2009. 

ANDY WYETH (Explorer Unit Assistant 2005-2007 Andy was a Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer at the 34th he was the first ever Explorer enrolled in the Unit. Went onto become one of the first four Queen Scouts in Explorers at the 34th. Was a qualified First Aider.

MARTIN (Assistant Explorer Scout Leader) October 2005 - left July 2008 

Martin and his two sons who joined us at the end of October 2005,his daughter also joined in Janaury 2007 he had a lot of experience in Scouting, being an Ex Scout Leader, Assistant Scout Leader & an Assistant Venture Scout Leader of the 4th Worcester Park & 1st Woodmansterne groups.He already had his Wood Beads.He has camped over 500 nights in Scouting. He is a qualified First Aider. Martin finished number one in the Country in the Ten pin Bowling Competition in 2006. Left through work and collegue commitments.

STU  (Assistant Scout Leader)

April 1989-Left July 2008 Stu was a Cub,and a Scout and Explorer at the 34th.He was a Chief Scout and a Queen Scout with the Unit and Spence. Before coming a Skills Instructor and a Helper. He then took out his Warrant and became an Assistant Scout Leader.Has helped District and County run many trainning courses at Bentley Copse.Qualified First Aider. He has completed his Wood Beads and his Camping permit.This picture show Stu performing on stage.Left after Summer Camp to France in July 2008 and moved to Nottingham and then onto Cumbria.Came back and helped on the Great Escape 2009.

Wallis (May 2006- December 2008) Ex Explorer and Queen Scouts was patrol Leader of Griffins.Became joint first girl to get Queen Scout award and first to come from outside of Scouting to get the award. Carried on helping while at Newcastle Uni.

Nick MAY 2006- TO JULY 2009 Nick startarted as a Unit Assistant in May 2006. He has been with the 34th since Beavers and has been in Explorers for four years where he was Senior Patrol Leader and he gained his Queen Scout Award. He gained his Chief Scout award in Scouts.


Adrian King (Assistant Scout Leader)

September 2007 to July 2010

Adrian Joined the group and helped with Cubs before coming Assistant Scout Leader.

Has completed his First Aid cirtificate on a course run by Spence, and completed his Wood Beads  Camp permits and advanced Mini Bus driving.He attended many Explorer activities and camp including two Great Escape Camps.

Sadly he died after a short illness in July 2010.

RIP You will be sadly missed Adrian 

ANGELA HARRIS (Scout Leader)

September 1995-To August 2011

Started in the group on the admin side before moving to Beavers as an helper in Beavers before coming Assistant beaver Leader and then Beaver Leader. Was also District Beaver leader in reigate. then started helping Spence at Scouts as Assistant Scout Leader in 1999. Beacame Scout Leader when Explorers started. Was awarded her 15 years long service Award and her medal of Merit in 2011 Qualified First Aider. Now moved on from the group to take up two District roles as District Scout Leader and Leader trainner.

Seen here with Spence at the top of the mountain in Switzerland.

Hannah Freeman (Unit Assistant) Lamb

Started in 2010 for a year.
Was an Ex Queen Scout with the Unit and Ex Senior Patrol Leader with the unit. Hannah won the Wheel of progress for best Explorer as well. Followed in her brothers Sean footstep in becomeing a Queen Scout and now has yonger sister Lauren as a Queen Scout as well.

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