We looked after some Courtyard Gardens at East Surrey Hospital for our community project with the Scouts then  the Explorers. Spence started this after seeing an appeal in the local paper. Over the years we got several grants to help build up the gardens.




November 1994-2011           MAX  52
(Top 10 people)
POS  NAME                    POS       PATROL        TOTAL


2    MR PETER MITCHELL       GROUP HELPER            42

3    MS ANGELA HARRIS        SCOUT LEADER            38

4    MR TOBY HILLIER WOOD    EX        MINATORS  (9)  16

5    MR DAN CHANEY           EX PL     MINATORS  (7)  14



8    MR MAX SMITHSON         EX PL     DRAGONS   (4)  11

8    MR MAX KELSEY           EX PL     UNICORNS  (5)  11

8    MR MITCHELL NUNN        EX        DRAGONS   (5)  11


Since November 1994 the Explorers, Scouts, Helpers and Leaders have been looking after three courtyard gardens at East Surrey
Hospital. We go use to go down about four times a year. Since the project was started 152 different people have helped with the project. The first session back in November 1994 still sees three people still helping the group to this day. Each working party
consists usually of cutting back and planting up plants and shrubs and then emptying the bins. Tidying up the concrete areas and doing any other improvements around the gardens that are needed. This very worth while project is our group’s community project when we put something back to the local people of the area. We have planted flowers, tided up and made sure they are nice for
visitors, staff and patience to sit in. To commemorate the year 2000 we made a special large planter for the entrance to the hospital, which we made at our local camp 2000 at Nutfield. The group built the large wooden container and then put lots of colourful flowers and plants in it. Each year we replant it so it always looks nice at the entrance to the hospital. Over the last few years we have been able to improve the gardens a great deal with the help of a grant from the Gatwick Trust and a grant of £1000 from Sita. With the help and
backing of Heathfield Nurseries we have been able to transform the gardens. We have added a shed and lots of tools so we can keep them down at the hospital.We have added a compositor to help with the recycling of the waste garden materials and a water butt to collect rain water. The other improvements have seen more bird tables, bird feeders and a water feature for the birds to drink
from to encourage wildlife into the gardens. Completely replanting the raised beds and buying and planting lots of large tubs of shrubs and flowers around the gardens. We have added some benches and some more bins. We added a sundial to add some interest to the gardens. Since we have been working on the gardens many local people and parents have donated bulbs, plants and seeds to help us.
We have had articles appear in Scouting Magazine and several local newspapers.Spencer and Dawn one of our ex leaders attended a special thank you ceremony at the hospital a few years ago. On Sunday 9th March 2003 we officially handed over the Gardens after completing over £1500 worth of improvements, to the hospital. We revealed a special commemorative plague to celebrate the occasion. We had guest from the hospital in attendance.We also finished runners up in a National Competition called The Green Fingers
Challenge for Community projects. We were awarded a cheque for £100 to be spent on the gardens. Unfortunately in October 2003 we were told that the hospital was now going to build on two of our courtyard gardens. Our work party in October 2003 saw us remove as much of the gardens, plants and items we could into our third garden until the rebuilding was completed. This has been a big
blow to us as after nine years we had the gardens looking great and now all the hard work was undone. We have now started on a new garden and were grateful for a grant (£800) from the hospital this time to transform the very large new garden. We built new large rockery in the new garden and put up some trellis and laid a new path in our old garden. Then we took over another garden with a
large pond in it. We also took back two of the old gardens in 2006 and started to improve them. We were given a grant for £250 from the Friends of the hospital.2006 saw the 100th person help with the project in Gamma Maynard and she was awarded a pair of gardening gloves to Mark the special occasion. Again this year we have been awarded a grant of £250 for the gardens.In February we built a new shed ready fpr the Coming year. We have now had 153 Leaders, helpers, Explorers or Scouts since we started.   Unfortunately in 2011 they decided yet again to build on sum of the gardens and also brought in private gardens so the project had to end.

EAST SURREY HOSPITAL 1994     (First Ever)

The first working party was in November 1994 and all of the following started the project, with the three courtyard gardens, which
had not been touched for many years.

LEADERS Spencer Mitchell(*) & Dawn Jackson    HELPER Peter Mitchell(*)

BULLDOGS      Dave,Nick, Michael, Richard & Stuart

PANTHERS      Chris,James, Chris, Miles & Peter

COBRAS Andrew, Alistair & Richard


NO     NAME                       POS           NO     NAME                 POS

1(*)   SPENCER MITCHELL   ESL           2(*)   ANGELA HARRIS        SL

3      DAWN JACKSON         ASL           4      DAVE HALL            SA

5(*)   PETER MITCHELL       H             6      BEN HOLLAND          SPL

7      JAMES KING                 UA            8      SAM KING             SCT

9      NICK PETERS                SK            10     STUART DAVIS         ASL

11     JON SKINNER                SK            12     BILLY KIRSCH         PL

13     CHRIS SOPER                SK            14     RICHARD HARRIS              SPL

15     RICHARD GOULD               APL           16     AARON LAWRENCE              SPL

17     MICHAEL FARROW              SK            18     ANDREW FARROW        SK

19     ANDREW WYLIE                H             20     DOMINIC O’REILLY     SCT

21     CHRIS O’RIELLY                     PL            22     PETER H JONES        SCT

23     TOM DEFOREST                SCT           24     ALISTAIR RUSSELL     PL

25     JOE RUSSELL                SCT           26     PHILIP CLIFT         SCT

27     ALEX FUNNELL                SCT           28     MILES NEWEY          SCT

29     LAURENCE ANDERSON           SSK           30     ANDY WYETH           UA

31     TOM TOMPKIN                SK            32     JOE TOWNER           SCT

33     DANIEL MINTON               EX SPL        34     DARYL TEDSTONE              SCT

35     SAM ALBERG                 SCT           36     SEAN DOYLE           UA

37     JANE TEDSTONE               ASL           38     NICK HARRIS          UA

39     PAUL MOCSARI                EX SPL        40     DANIEL SKINNER              EX

41     SIMON BUSH                 SCT           42     SAM HARRIS           UA

43     ANTHONY BREWER        EX            44     WILLIAM MOCSARI      EX

45     BEN HARTLEY                SCT           46     OLIVER WILSON        EX

47     GUY FORBAT                 EX APL        48     NICK SMITH           SCT

49     RORY EVANS                 EX            50     ASHLEY BACK          UH

51     OLIVER LAWRENCE            EX H          52     THEO L JONES         SCT

53     SAM PICKERING               SCT           54     JASON MARIARTY              SCT

55     JAMES INGLIS                EX PL         56     FREDDIE PARTINGTON   SCT

57     PHILIP TURNER               SCT           58     DANIEL TELFORD              SCT

59     LESLIE FULLER               EX            60     ALEX INGLIS          EXH

61     MATTHEW IZARD             EX APL      62     EMMA LONGHURST              EX

63     MARK KNOWLES                SCT           64     JOE MILLINGTON              EX

65     HANNAH FREEMAN              EX SPL     66     RHIAN SKINNER        EX

67     LAURENCE NUNN               EX            68     WALLIS O’BRIEN       EX H

69     GAVIN MEEKE                 EX            70     ROSIE MOCSARI        EX

71     BEN SMYTH                  EX            72     MASON SUNDERLAND     SCT

73     BECKY PARRAT            EX APL      74     JAKE WILCOX          SCT

75  TRISTAN MITCHELL           EX APL        76     FELIX PARTINGTON     EX

77     NICK BONE                  EX SPL        78     GARRORD DILL         SCT

79     JOE NEEMS                  EX            80(*)  DANIEL CHANEY          EX APL

81  MAX SMITHSON            EX       PL         82     TIM MULHOLLAND       EX

83   SAM GEORGE             EX APL        84   MAX KELSEY         EX PL

85      LUKE NEEMS                SCT PL        85    KIRAM HEWITT        EX

86      PHILL MARKS               TA            87   JACK VOWLES        SCT

87  JAMES VERDEN              EX L         88    EDWARD ROTHERA            SCT

89     JACK GILBERT                SCT           90     ROSIE BATT          SCT

91     AARON BATT                 SCT           92     REECE ROBERTSON     SCT

92  ISABEL SMITHSON            EX            93  CHRIS RIMMER               EX

94     STEPHANIE FULLER           EX            94  LAURENCE HILLER WOOD      EX

95  TOBY HILLER WOOD           EX            96  ZOE HILLER WOOD     EX

97    HANNAH CHACKSFIELD          EX            98     MATT RICHARDSON     EX

99     GEORGE RICHARDSON          EX PL         100     GEMMA JO MAYANRD  EX

101    MARTIN RICHARDSON          AESL          102    SOPHIE MAYNARD            EX

103     SAM TURNER                SCT           104   FIONA RICHARDSON   EX

105     HUGO EVANS                SCT           106  MITCHELL NUNN     EX

107  LUKE OSBOURNE           EX            108   ASHLEY GEORGE             SCT

109     MIA PARRAT                 SCT           110  OLIVIA FREEMAN            EX

111     BRANDON JONES          SCT           112   HARRY ROTHERA             SCT

113     JOSH ROBINS               SCT           114   MATT LEE SPL        EXP

115     ADRIAN KING                ASL           116  LAUREN FREEMAN            EX

117  WILLIAM KING               EX            118     TYLER WRIGHT       PL     SCT

119     DANELIE YOUNG            SCT        120  JAKE SHREEVE            EX SPL

121     ALFIE PHILPS              EX            122    JOHNATHAN ADAMS       SCT

123  JONTY SHREEVE        SCT           124 BEN LYNCH            SCT

125 ROBIN PHIIPS              AESL          126 Dan Bennett         SCT

127 AARON MITCHELL            EX            128  WILLIAM EVANS    SCT

129     JACK ROBINS               SCT           130   WILLANO WEISEL         SCT

131     HENREY UPHILL           SCT           132   DANNY CROSS         SCT

132     LAURA CROSS               SCT      133 BECKY HOUGHTON             EX

134 DILLON POWELL                    SCT           135 ALFIE MEMHET         SCT

136  SAMMII GREENWAY           EX            137 OLIVER MORRIS          EX

138 JOE HILLS                    EX             139 ROBERT ATKINSON        EX

140 HOLLY MEMHET           SCT APL        141 MORGAN P BIRD          SCT

142 LIAM FREEMAN              SCT            143 THORA ARNOLD           SCT

144 JAMES GRIMSTONE           SCT           145 JACK CLARKE           SCT

146 FRANCESCA HOOKWAY         SCT       147 FELIX SMITHSON             SCT

148 NICKY SHEERVE                 SCT       149  CALLUM CHANEY        SCT

150 HANNAH GLASGOW             EX PL        151  DEMI DALE            EX
152 LAITAH SUNDERLAND          SCT           153 Patricia KIY       SCT

154 CALLUM TOULMIN                   SCT           155  GABES UBANK  SCT 
(*) = Worked on the gardens from start to finish)

Getting the plants to the gardens in the mini bus

We have also help with an old soliders Garden in Woodhatch as well

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