District Explorer Survival Camp Jordan Heights

Becky ex 34th Explorer and Helper get rescued by the 30th!

The Winners 34th Reigate (Meadvale) Explorers

Narrow Boat Camp

Our boat for the weekend

Our starting point for the Weekedn

Leaders Spence, James V & Mitchell

Dragons ---
Griffins      Joe (PL) & William
Unicorns   Robert (PL)

Saturday 12th July Sunday 13th 2004

James and mitch go for a walk togther under the umbrella!!!!                                     Dinner time Explorers style BBQ

Spence gets a farewell card for his last Weekend camp with the Explorers

Reigate District Great Escape

Winners 5th year Running & Runners up 2014.

Unicorns Winners great Escape 2014 (Third year running) 5th year Running for 34th

Patrol Award 1st Unicrons PL Aaron Runners Up Dragons Robert

Rock Solid Award Best Explorer Aaron (Unicorns)

Harris Award Alfie M

Dragons Runners up Great Escape 2014 (2nd Year Running)

Frost Bite Camp Jackass! 2014 Bears Wood Camp site Croydon

Pee's with straws!
Wee man in tube!

How to get 8 Explorers in a tyre! Jackass style

Under pants World Record!

World Record coins on the face!
Best Patrol Team Knoxville             Ollie PL     (Dragons)
Runners Up Team Bad Grandpa    Robert PL  (Unicorns)

Best Explorer Rock Solid Award Robert

Harris Award Winner Aaron (Unicorns) Getting stuck in the tyres head first

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